Review: Džamija Džumping 2017

Another Ramadan filled with new faces and experiences has come to a close. During this year’s Ramadan, the Bosniak Youth of New York had the pleasure of including some exciting new sites in the Džamija Džumping schedule. Whether we were playing quiz games in Utica, or roasting (Halal) Marshmallows in Hartford, the Bosniak youth from communities far and wide came together in these nights of joy. Each community brought their own flavor to the program.

This year, we kicked things off with Syracuse hosting the first youth iftar (which was also the first iftar!) of this year’s Džamija Džumping. The night was spent in laughter as the youth played board games and Mario Kart until it was time for a sehur filled with pancakes and eggs.

The following Friday, we were treated to a speech by Jasmina Isa and special guest Ahmed Alili singing a few nasheeds in Elmwood Park. Afterwards, there were some intense ping-pong matches as the youth awaited the sunrise. The youth of Central PA treated their guests on Saturday night to a workshop and some nasheeds from Ammar Charaf.

The dzemats of Albany and Utica hosted the next Friday and Saturday respectively. The youth of Albany prepared a thought-out game of Jeopardy and got everyone involved an interesting superlative questionnaire. Some BYNY members won awards, including Aldin Mujevic for “Most likely to be late” and Razim Seferovic for “Most likely to become and imam.” We would like to thank both the Saljanin and the Klapija family for offering their homes to our youth. Their generosity allowed us to comfortably make our way to Utica the next day, where a beautiful mosque and some wonderful food was waiting for us.

It’s always a treat visiting Amir efendija and his dzemat, but BYNY sadly couldn’t have the pleasure this year as we had trouble with setting up transportation that Friday. Thankfully, we managed to make it to Hartford the next day where the Bosniak American Youth Association of Hartford welcomed us back with open arms. BAYAH planned out a wonderful night that included roasting marshmallows on a fire!

Though they ended up with the short end of the stick, having to host on a Sunday night, Ammar Charaf and the El-Zahra mosque in NJ pulled off a wonderful program. In the hour leading up to iftar, the youth were lead by Charaf in dhikr as we learned things like some of the common dua’as. After we broke our fast, a large squad of youth made a quick trip to the nearest DQ to snag some ice-cream before heading back for prayer.

BYNY closed of the long list of Džamija Džumping events this past Friday night. The program featured speeches by both Idriz efendija and Velid Mulić. The youth was then set free to enjoy each other’s company for the last time in this year’s Džamija Džumping.

It is quite possible that this year is the last Džamija Džumping for a while. This year, Ramadan came just at the tail end of finals week for CUNYs. Due to the nature of the lunar calendar, transportation will become very difficult in future years as college students will be too busy attending classes or studying for finals to drive to distant cities.

We would like to thank everyone who took part in this year’s event. It truly was and excellent experience, and we hope to build on the relationships started over this past month. Hopefully we’ll see some of these new faces again at some of our later events, like the annual spiritual retreat.

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