Welcome to the website for Bosniak Youth of New York. We are a recognized 501(c)(3) charity and donations to the organization are eligible for tax exemption. Our goals as an organization are

To assist and aid individuals of Bosniak and Balkan origin and/or ancestry in their endeavors to become productive American citizens through the dissemination of information for available services and providing financial support;

To promote the strengthening of relationships between other Balkan organizations to increase conformity within the Bosniak and Balkan community;

To promote and foster endeavors to create opportunities for social gatherings that bring together Bosniak and Balkan people from different regions to build understanding and friendship by treating everyone with respect and dignity;

To discourage ignorance, bigotry, fanaticism, extremism, and fundamentalism by encouraging values of strong leadership, honesty, compassion, tolerance and sensitivity that promote and support the emotional, spiritual and physical well-being of every individual and family;

To provide financial assistance and relief aid to individuals residing within a disaster area and organize individuals, groups and/or teams to collect and provide for proper, efficient and prompt distribution of necessary basic materials to help area victims.

With this website, we hope to first and foremost improve our communication regarding events and programs we offer. The website will help serve as a central location to learn about future events and opportunities, reminisce on past adventures, and make contacting us for any reason at all easier.